Tom Wingert: Hunger Fighter

Tom Wingert, who is a recent graduate of La Salle University, has been making it his job to feed hungry people in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Wingert claimed that this area of Philadelphia didn’t have enough produce, so he took matters into his own hands.

In the fall, he and Marjorie Allen, the Chair of the Integrative Studies Department at La Salle, teamed up to start “Exploring Nutrition,” which helped feed more than 2,000 people in the area. The project also raised more than $5,000 in contributions and fundraisers.

Wingert works with students at La Salle to help with certain projects like these.

Tom Wingert talks with journalism students at La Salle University

Tom Wingert talks with journalism students at La Salle University

“My job is to connect students to the stuff that I’m working on,” he said.

Even though Wingert enjoys working with students at La Salle to fight hunger, he says that he will be moving onto a new organization, Unite Good. Wingert also writes in the Impact section of the Huffington Post. He gave a very blunt answer to why he is moving on to Unite Good.

“I don’t get paid enough,” he claimed during his guest talk at an online journalism class last Thursday. He also added that “it’s a lot easier to get stuff done with 3 employers.”

Wingert did give some praise to the organizations in the area that help fight hunger.

“You have a lot of organizations that feed hungry people,” he said. “Germantown has a very well-developed citizen sector.”